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Meriden Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises liability refers to the duty of a property owner, manager, or occupier to provide reasonably safe conditions for those who visit or reside on the premises. That means providing ample warning to patrons or correcting any safety hazards that form. When a visitor or resident of a property gets hurt due to an owner’s failure to remedy a dangerous condition, they may have the grounds to file a premises liability claim.

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What Sets Our Firm Apart for Meriden Premises Liability Claims

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  • We have successfully obtained compensation for injured clients for the past 100 years.
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  • We do not require any money up-front, and you will owe legal fees once we win your case.

Types of Cases that Fall Under Premises Liability

Accidents happen, but they are often preventable. This is especially true in the following types of premises liability cases:

  • Wet floors
  • Negligent security
  • Improperly maintained steps or stairs
  • Fires
  • Improperly maintained roofs
  • Broken or uneven payment
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Elevator and escalator failure
  • Dog bites or animal attacks
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Amusement park injuries
  • Collapse of floors, stairs, porches, or walls

Slip-and-fall accidents are among the most common causes of premises liability claims. However, victims can sustain serious injuries in any one of the dangerous property conditions listed.

Common Premises Liability Injuries in Meriden, CT

A few examples of severe injuries that are known to be caused by hazardous property conditions include:

Torn Ligaments and Muscle Strains

Individuals often sustain tears and strains to the body’s soft tissues, tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles. Although they may sound minor, they can affect a person’s ability to do everyday tasks.

Head Injuries

Injuries to the head, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), are one of the most common and severe injuries that occur. They are usually the result of objects being placed too low, falling objects, or slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, head or brain injuries frequently mean lifelong repercussions for the victim.

Back and Neck Injuries

Herniated discs or broken vertebrae often happen in serious slip-and-falls, stairway accidents, or when a floor collapses. These types of injuries will likely require surgery. Severe cases involving spinal cord damage can lead to paralysis or loss of function.

Broken Bones

Broken bones and fractures are also extremely common, are painful, and can require surgery. In order to heal, you may need ongoing physical therapy.

Although many premises liability accidents can seem minor, the injuries that occur can have far-reaching effects. They are typically extremely painful, costly and debilitating. It is important to understand that you have legal rights to compensation if your injury accident was the result of a property owner’s negligence. A potential financial recovery can include reimbursement for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, physical disabilities, emotional distress, and more.

Why You Need a Meriden Premises Liability Lawyer

An experienced lawyer will have an in-depth knowledge regarding the legal process, as well as what it takes to build a strong premises liability case. That includes investigating the accident, gathering evidence, and hiring expert witnesses if the case goes to trial. In addition, once you have an attorney working for you, they can represent you when speaking with the insurance company. That way, you have someone fighting on your behalf to secure fair compensation for you.

Contact Us Today for Meriden Premises Liability Claims

Unsafe property conditions don’t appear out of thin air. Whenever there is a property-related injury, it is usually because someone has failed to do their part in keeping visitors or residents safe. We firmly believe that negligent individuals who cause others undue harm must be held accountable. It is our job to ensure you are paid for what they’ve done and help make things right. Reach us today by calling (203) 265-2035 or filling out our online contact form.

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