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Was Your Child Bitten By A Dog?

Millions of people are injured by dog bite attacks each year, with nearly 800,000 requiring medical attention, according to a recent report by the CDC. The same report found that half of all dog bite victims who require medical attention are children, with the rate of dog bite injuries being highest for children ages five to nine.

Connecticut law provides powerful protections for people who have been injured by dog bites. If your child has been the victim of a dog bite attack, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. We represent clients throughout Connecticut in dog bite injury claims. To schedule a free consultation, contact our law office in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Visit our dog owner responsibility and liability pages to learn more. Connecticut law makes dog owners strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs, including dog bite injuries and other injuries (e.g. injuries from falls or other accidents caused by dogs).

Put Our Experience To Work For You

Dog owners often have homeowner’s insurance policies that provide coverage for dog bite attacks that occur on their property or at another location, so it is likely that the dog owner will be defended by an insurance defense attorney. Several of our attorneys have prior experience working as insurance defense attorneys. Our experience enables us to anticipate possible defenses that may be raised by opposing counsel, negotiate with an understanding of how insurance companies work and build strong cases for our clients.

Our team of skilled personal injury attorneys has more than 100 years of combined experience. As defense and plaintiff’s counsel, we have handled thousands of personal injury claims, including claims for serious injuries and wrongful death. We have handled many dog bite injury claims, including cases in which children have sustained dog bite injuries.

Child Injuries Have Serious Consequences

Injured children often require specialized medical care. They often have injuries that can cause lasting or permanent damage if they do not receive proper care. Children may also experience anxiety, depression or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) if they have been attacked by a dog.

A key component in many dog bite claims is scarring. While scarring or disfigurement is a serious matter for any dog bite accident victim, such injuries can have a uniquely profound impact on children, who can be subject to teasing and cruelty from other children.

Children who have sustained scarring to the face, neck or body may require a number of cosmetic procedures over a course of many years. While these procedures may minimize the appearance of scarring to some extent, many children who have sustained severe dog bite injuries will suffer permanent scarring.

Learn more about our personal injury attorneys: Charles P. Reed, and James E. Ringold.

We Are Dedicated Advocates For Each Client We Serve

We seek full compensation on behalf of clients who have sustained dog bite injuries, including compensation for all necessary medical care, rehabilitative care, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, and counseling services. In addition to seeking compensation for costs of necessary care, we seek compensation for pain and suffering, and other available means of recovery.

We take time to understand the nature of our clients’ injuries and prepare each case for the possibility of trial. We engage in settlement discussions throughout the course of cases to determine if we can obtain fair compensation for our clients in an efficient and expedited fashion. Our thorough trial preparation and reputation for taking cases to trial often enables us to settle cases favorably for our clients. When an insurance company is unwilling to offer a fair settlement, we have a team of experienced and skilled trial lawyers that advocates vigorously for our clients in the courtroom.

Contact A New Haven Dog Bite Lawyer

We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees to us unless we recover compensation for you. To schedule a free consultation with a Connecticut dog bite attorney at our firm, call (203) 265-2035 or contact us by email.

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