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New Haven Real Estate Purchase Lawyer

Consulting with an attorney in preparation for purchasing real estate is one of the smartest moves a potential buyer can make. Finding the desired property and obtaining financing are major hurdles that most buyers focus on. However, without qualified legal advice, purchasing a home or commercial property can be very risky. Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., offers clients reassurance and guidance through all phases of real estate purchases.

Experienced New Haven Real Estate Attorneys

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Our real estate attorney, Joan C. Molloy prepared to advise and help ensure that you understand the terms of a purchase contract and relevant matters, including:

  • Local customs that may affect residential transfer, such as inspections provisions. (Can you get out of the deal if you are not satisfied with what you learn through an inspection?
  • Closing credits
  • Conditions that you might want to include in your purchase contract such as an appraisal amount or provisions for the sale of your current home through a Hubbard clause
  • Dates in the contract and the importance of monitoring and meeting deadlines
  • The terms of the mortgage commitment and any conditions of approval
  • Required mortgage documents and their significance
  • The impact of any easements, restrictions or encumbrances disclosed through a title search
  • Closing adjustments

Likewise, we advise and represent sellers on critical issues such as:

  • The terms of a sale contract and the local customs that affect residential transfer
  • The impacts of special provisions such as appraisal contingencies or Hubbard clauses or closing credits
  • The buyer’s mortgage contingency provisions, type of loan and amount of deposit
  • Ensuring prompt and proper payment of any liens, and ensuring that proper releases are recorded
  • Preparation of the deed and other required closing documents
  • Closing adjustments

We counsel and represent contractors and developers in matters involving:

  • Time frames for completion of new construction, if applicable
  • Importance of change orders for you and your lender
  • Provisions regarding incomplete items

Only an experienced real estate lawyer can explain the necessary documents to a purchaser, seller or refinancing mortgage holder with full attention to key, critical details such as the above areas of concern. Buying selling or refinancing a real estate property is a matter of great importance. Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., provides clients with the knowledge and reassurance that they seek in these areas.

Commercial And Residential Real Estate Attorney In Connecticut

If you are planning to buy, sell or refinance a home or commercial property, contact us and schedule a consultation at your convenience.

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