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Meriden Crosswalk Accident Lawyers

Pedestrians-in-Crosswalk Accident Attorneys

In Connecticut, the pedestrian has the absolute right of way in a crosswalk. If a driver breezes through a crosswalk and strikes you, he or she is liable for your damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

At the law firm of Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., we take traffic safety very seriously. If you or a family member has been injured by a careless driver in a crosswalk, our lawyers have the experience to assess what your case is worth and find all available insurance coverage to provide the compensation you need. From our office in Wallingford, we represent injured people in Meriden and throughout Connecticut. To schedule a free consultation with an attorney at our firm, call (203) 265-2035.

Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable in Meriden, CT

In a recent case, our attorneys represented a young man who was injured by a distracted driver in a crosswalk. The driver was texting on his cellphone and failed to come to a complete stop, striking our client who was crossing the street. Our client struck his head on the pavement and was unconscious for a few minutes. He also broke his left knee. Fortunately, he made a full recovery and our attorneys made sure he was compensated for everything he had to go through.

The most important issue in any pedestrian accident is recovering one’s health. This means seeing a doctor and following his or her treatment recommendations. Your medical records will also serve an important purpose in your insurance claim. If you do not have a doctor and need a recommendation, our lawyers can help.

Learn more about our personal injury attorneys: Charles P. Reed,  and James E. Ringold.

Connecticut Lawyers for Pedestrians Hit by Car in Crosswalk

We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees to us unless we recover compensation for you. To schedule a free consultation with a New Haven crosswalk accident attorney at our firm, call (203) 265-2035 or contact us by e-mail.

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