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New Haven Area Real Estate Closing Attorneys

From a family home to a major commercial property, closing on a real estate deal involves a lot of paperwork and fine print — and it usually represents a major transaction for buyer and seller. An experienced Connecticut commercial and residential real estate attorney can protect your rights and interests throughout the real estate closing.

Connecticut Commercial and Residential Real Estate Lawyers

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The real estate closing lawyers at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., represent individuals and business entities seeking to buy, sell or refinance homes and commercial properties.

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Negotiation Is an Important Part of Any Real Estate Transaction.

Real estate documents, especially for commercial properties, can involve hundreds of pages and a lot of fine print. An effective real estate closing attorney will understand your objectives and work with you to negotiate the terms of sales contracts, financing agreements, and other documents.

Protect your interests in a real estate deal; contact an attorney.

A real estate lawyer — especially one experienced with Connecticut markets — can help you evaluate a deal and negotiate a contract that meets your needs and protects your interests. Every word in a real estate contract is there for a purpose. Your lawyer can review the contracts involved, including the financing documents, and ensure that everyone’s rights and obligations are clear.

A real estate closing is an important event for all parties. The deal may have been in the works for an extended period of time. Take a little more time to discuss your expectations with an experienced real estate attorney. Is the price right? Have you chosen the right financing option? Is the property properly described? Is the title clear? Are there easements or restrictions that affect the use of the property?

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Before you close on a residential real estate or commercial real estate transaction, contact an experienced real estate lawyer.

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