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To the public reading newspaper articles about dramatic wrong site surgery mistakes, it seems incredible that a surgeon would remove a healthy breast or healthy kidney by mistake, or cut into the wrong arm, leg or shoulder. In today’s fast-paced hospitals, however, the focus in medical care is on efficiency. To that end, surgeons often operate one patient after another, in relatively rapid succession. This may result in cases of medical malpractice.

It is not uncommon for doctors and other health care providers to be referring to a previous patient’s or the next patient’s records as they prepare to perform surgery on a patient in front of them. Misreading X-rays or reading a wrong patient’s laboratory reports can lead to wrong site surgery, which does happen on a regular basis.

In an attempt to prevent wrong site surgeries, many hospitals have adopted elaborate preventive protocols. For example, a doctor or nurse may ask a patient to mark the leg to be operated on after a displaced bone fracture injury. They ask the patient to write “NO” on the other leg for extra insurance.

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Did your health care providers take proper precautions to prevent wrong site surgery? Whether or not they followed protocol, if you have suffered the negative effects of wrong site surgery, we urge you to talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later. You are likely to incur additional medical expenses, at the very least. In a worst-case scenario, your quality of life may be permanently impacted. Your serious medical condition could become a terminal condition after a healthy body part was wrongly removed. In addition, you will likely need to undergo surgery again for the removal of the diseased body part.

Many plaintiffs’ law firms will say that medical malpractice cases have become too costly to pursue. This may be true in many cases, but it is much less of a problem in a wrong site surgery. In a wrong site surgery (WSS) case, the issue becomes a matter of how much the case is worth, rather than whether there is a viable case.

Learn how our law firm can help you maximize the compensation you receive after medical malpractice in the form of a wrong site surgery. Attorneys at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., are prepared to fight for your right to whatever corrective medical treatments you may need as a result, such as plastic surgery. Our malpractice lawyers are prepared to pursue maximum available pain and suffering damages for you, as well.

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When your health care providers have let you down by allowing wrong site surgery to occur, you deserve fair compensation. Contact us and schedule a free consultation. Our Connecticut medical malpractice lawyer will not collect fees from you unless we achieve a settlement or verdict in your favor.

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