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Determining Fault Is Important To Your Claim in New Haven, CT

Fault is an important issue in auto accidents. In Connecticut, your recovery from a personal injury lawsuit is reduced by any percentage of fault that is assigned to you. If your fault reaches 51 percent, you cannot recover compensation from the other driver’s insurance company.

To protect your right to full compensation, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., as soon as possible following an auto accident. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss issues such as fault. From our office in Wallingford, we represent injured people in New Haven and throughout Connecticut.

Determination Of Fault In Car Accidents

Intersection accidents often result in disputes over who was at fault. There are many types of intersection situations that can implicate fault for one driver or the other:

  • If the intersection is controlled by traffic lights, the signal should determine who was at fault. If there are disputes over whether the light was red, green or yellow, testimony from independent witnesses can be key to determining fault.
  • If the intersection was controlled by stop signs rather than traffic lights, or if there were no formal stop signs, drivers are supposed to exercise caution as a reasonable person would do. Unfortunately, in many cases, there may be no independent witnesses to provide testimony. Evidence such as skid marks and vehicle damage may help determine fault.

You should not make any admissions without discussing your case with an attorney. For example, if you admit that you did not look both ways at an intersection because you thought you had the right of way, you could incur liability even if the other party was primarily at fault.

Learn more about our personal injury attorney: Charles P. Reed.

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