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Long-term affects of dog bite attacks

Connecticut residents who have been attacked by a dog will be dealing with many different short-term repercussions. These issues alone can be expensive, traumatic, and intense. But what about the long-term issues that can stem from dog bite attacks?

The National Institutes of Health have said that dog bites are a worldwide problem that can sometimes even be fatal, leaving a particularly large impact on vulnerable groups such as the elderly or children. Those who are most at risk for infection also include people whose immune systems are compromised in some way.

Who does the paying after a dog attack?

As a resident of Connecticut who has recently been involved in a dog bite attack, you may be wondering how to legally proceed with the case. Loughlin Fitzgerald, PC, will be here to help you the entire way as you determine what your personal best course of action might be.

One of the main questions that is likely on your mind after an attack is: who is going to pay for the damages? Highly publicized cases of dog attacks often have a lot of misinformation surrounding them. Some people argue about who the fault belongs to in a dog attack, which can lead to confusion regarding what the actual law is.

Why are 18-wheelers a dangerous vehicle?

As a motorist who shares the road with large 18-wheelers in Connecticut, you put yourself at risk every time you get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, because of their size and weight, a crash with one of these behemoths can be costly. Loughlin Fitzgerald PC are attorneys at law, here to help you if you find yourself financially struggling after being involved in an accident with a commercial truck.

Accidents with 18-wheelers will almost always be more complex, frustrating, and damaging than accidents with other passenger vehicles. This is because of their sheer size and weight, which is many times greater than even the largest trucks and vans out there. Not only does the heaviness impact the amount of damage these trucks can do, but their huge and bulky size means they take up a lot of road space.

What is my dog’s body language trying to tell me?

As you know, a dog bite can change your life. Whether you were mauled by an aggressive stray or your child was bitten by the neighbor’s dog, the injuries resulting from a dog attack can be disfiguring and cause pain for months or years. A negligent dog owner can be held liable for your injuries, but you and other Connecticut residents might avoid being bitten by understanding the warning signals dogs exhibit with their body language.

The American Kennel Club has provided numerous tips about body language that commonly precedes a dog biting out of fear, pain or anger. You may want to teach your children about the following signs:

  • A dog that does not want to be approached might have its tail between its legs or rigidly pointing straight out. Some dogs, however, wag their tails out of stress. Ears that are pointing down and backwards can signal fear or anger.
  • Dogs may signal they are afraid or uncertain by cowering, pacing, showing their teeth, licking their lips, panting or frequently yawning.
  • Dogs that stay very still or avert their eyes may be showing stress or fear. If a dog goes still when being hugged, many people falsely interpret that as enjoying the hug. This could result in an unexpected bite.

What is negligent security?

Premises liability is about more than a slip-and-fall accident in Connecticut. Another side of this liability, known as negligent security, holds owners responsible for injuries sustained on their property due to a lack of security. At Loughlin Fitzgerald, we understand how frightening and traumatic it is to be the victim of assault, robbery or another criminal act. We work with clients in these circumstances to ensure they are fairly compensated for physical and emotional issues arising from the crime.

The New York Post reports that survivors of the horrific shooting two years ago in a Florida nightclub are suing Twitter, Google and Facebook for providing the ISIS terrorist group the means of distributing its propaganda. Their argument is that the three tech companies supported the group by giving them a forum. By providing this “support,” the suit contends, they violated the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. This is the latest suit brought by a group of survivors; a judge dismissed another case in mid-April. 

Recovering compensation after a truck accident

Commercial truck accidents are often more devastating to victims than consumer car accidents, and also present a more complicated process for those who must file personal injury claims in the wake of the accident. Those who suffer injuries and other losses in a commercial truck accident must not only address their own recovery, but must wade through evidence from the accident to determine which party or parties hold liability.

In accidents between two cars, where both drivers own their own vehicles, filing an injury claim is usually relatively straightforward, although there are still plenty of opportunities for this type of accident to generate legal complications. However, in commercial truck accidents, the damage and the liability for that damage are often much more complex.

Should you document the scene of a slip-and-fall accident?

Like most Connecticut residents, you may be familiar with the advice to document the scene of a car accident that you were involved in, so law enforcement and insurance companies can determine who was responsible and begin the process of compensating you. However, you may be unclear on the steps to take if you are injured in an accident that did not involve motor vehicles, particularly in a slip-and-fall case.

Those who handle your slip-and-fall claim will want to know the specifics. Was the surface wet or slippery when you fell? Did the property owner take steps to prevent customers from falling on the premises, or did employees know about the danger but fail to do anything about it? The circumstances that were present at the time you were injured may have an impact on the outcome of your case, according to FindLaw.

Criminal charges filed in drunk driving accident

People in Connecticut who continue to hear reports about negligent drunk drivers can understandably become frustrated with the ongoing nature of this behavior. It is no secret that driving after consuming alcohol is dangerous and yet there seems to be little success in stopping people from making this dangerous choice. As long as drivers operate vehicles while they are drunk, innocent people keep getting hurt or even dying.

One thing that may help residents to know is that some of these drunk drivers do end up facing serious consequences. Sometimes these consequences may involve civil lawsuits that result in financial awards for those hurt in the accidents that are caused by these reckless individuals. In other cases, these consequences may come in the form of criminal charges. Some people may experience both.

How a bar should handle drunk patrons

When people work at bars in Connecticut, they may wonder how they can keep their patrons from drinking too much. Because bars are subject to dram shop laws, it is important for bartenders to ensure patrons do not become drunk and then harm another person.

Before a bartender cuts off a patron, he or she needs to recognize that this person has had too much to drink. According to Tales of the Cocktail, bartenders should usually look for decreased motor skills and bloodshot eyes. Some people may also become aggressive or negative or begin flirting with other customers. Additionally, people might have slurred speech or begin to swear. It is important for bartenders to recognize these signs because it is dangerous for someone to drive home if he or she is inebriated.

How can you spot a distracted driver?

When Connecticut drivers hit the road, it's unfortunately expected that not every other driver will be paying attention to what they're doing. When that focus is absent, distracted driving-related accidents can easily occur, leading to catastrophic injury or even death.

The National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration discusses the fatal epidemic of distracted driving, especially when it comes to the use of mobile devices for texting. However, there are many different contributing factors that can lead to a driver becoming distracted. Answering calls, changing music, checking directions on the phone, or even talking to other passengers can all factor into a deadly crash.

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