What are some signs of bite infection?

As a resident of Connecticut who has been bitten by a dog, you will have to remain vigilant for signs of infection afterward. Though the initial bite wound can be traumatic, the latent harm that possible infection presents can actually be more dangerous on a whole.

Medical News Today examines some of the potential signs you may see if your wound has become infected. These signs can be grouped into two general categories: symptoms that change the appearance of the affected area(s), and symptoms that affect how you physically feel.

Are dog bites more dangerous for children?

Victims of dog bite attacks in Connecticut can face extensive damage that results in both short-term and long-term injuries. But are some groups more susceptible to severe injury than others? Today, we at Loughlin Fitzgerald, PC, will examine one demographic that is particularly at risk: children.

Younger people are generally at risk for more serious injury when it comes to dog bite attacks. This is for many reasons, but usually involves their relative size compared to the dog. It is easier for a dog to knock a child down, which unfortunately exposes the individual's head and neck. These are the most dangerous areas to be attacked, and the most harmful bites involve the face and neck.

Social hosts may be liable for alcohol-related injuries

For many people in Connecticut, drinking in private social situations is a normal part of everyday or regular behavior. In many cases, minors begin drinking well before the legal drinking age, often in the homes of family friends or even in their own parent's or guardian's home. While these experiences are common, they hold a great deal of risk for the adults responsible for the home or private space.

This behavior is even more prevalent in colleges and universities, where a legal adult may host a party at his or her home. Free-flowing alcohol is a regular occurrence in these settings, and the people with legal liability for potential injuries often do not appreciate the seriousness of the circumstances. When a minor receives injuries after drinking in a private social setting, social hosts still may hold some liability for those injuries in Connecticut.

Pit bulls continue to be subject of attacks

Most people in Connecticut have likely heard stories about how aggressive some breeds of dogs can be. German Shepherds, Akitas and Doberman Pinschers are commonly among the types of dogs that people say can be involved in serious attacks on other animals or on people. However, it may be the pit bull that gets the most attention when it comes to discussions about dog bites and attacks. 

At the same time as many people point to the dangerous nature of pit bulls, there are a slew of people who laud the loving and fun nature of these dogs. Many an owner of a pit bull has argued vehemently that their dogs are kind, sweet and would never hurt another creature. It can be hard to know where the truth really is when it comes to how dangerous or safe one can feel when around a pit bull but the fact remains that numerous accounts of attacks regarding these dogs continue to be heard.

Can you become a social host without knowing it?

Some parents in Connecticut take a cynical view of teen drinking. They figure that teens are going to drink anyway, so they might as well provide their children and their friends with alcohol in their home where they can keep an eye on them rather than have them sneak around behind the parents' backs. 

According to American Addiction Centers, however, teenagers whose parents set boundaries on underage drinking, and impose penalties if the teens exceed those boundaries, are significantly less likely to drink. Furthermore, parents who knowingly provide teenagers with alcohol risk running afoul of Connecticut's social host laws, which can result in criminal and sometimes civil penalties. 

DOT wants to relax trucker drive time rules

Anyone who lives in Connecticut and has ever been alongside a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle on the road knows how quickly they can feel dwarfed when in a typical passenger vehicle. The large size of these rigs is one factor that makes truck accidents so horrific and dangerous.

Fatigue among truckers has long been acknowledged as a problem that impedes safe operation and increases the risk of accidents. Now, however, the United States Department of Transportation is looking to ease up the rules that cap the number of hours a trucker can drive in a single day.

Are dogs of certain breeds more likely to bite?

If you or a loved one sustains a dog bite in Connecticut, you should take it seriously. Dog bites can lead to illness, disfigurement, psychological trauma and a number of other health issues. However, even if a dog bite occurs, you should try to stay calm and not overreact. According to Canine Journal, only a small percentage of dog bites result in injury or require medical attention; 81% of them do not. 

Statistics show that some breeds of dogs do tend to bite more than others. Some of these are dogs you might expect to be aggressive, such as German Shepherds and pit bulls. However, it is not only the largest dogs, or the dogs with the most notorious reputations, who bite the most often. Some of the breeds most likely to bite are among the smallest, such as Chihuahuas, Pekingese or Jack Russell Terriers. 

Safety tips all new drivers should follow

For new drivers, the risk of an accident is higher than for those with more experience. For instance, a driver who has been behind the wheel for 20 years knows that there is a good chance that the driver drifting close to the edge of the lane poses a threat due to a distraction or intoxication. A less experienced driver might not totally recognize the danger and may not take evasive action.

In many cases, new drivers are not as aware of the various threats on the road such speeding vehicles, drowsy driving and hazardous road conditions. This is why new drivers should take precautions in case of a wreck.

Motorcyclist killed in multi-vehicle Connecticut crash

Regardless of who is at fault, a motorcyclist is more vulnerable to injury in a collision with a car than occupants of the other vehicle. This is due to the exposure that results from sitting on top of a vehicle rather than inside an enclosed space. A crash involving a motorcycle and two cars in a residential neighborhood of Waterbury, Connecticut, resulted in the motorcyclist's death following ejection from his vehicle. An investigation into the accident required authorities to close down North Main Street in the vicinity of the collision for some time thereafter. 

The driver of the first car reportedly drove onto the front lawn of a nearby home in order to avoid a collision with the 26-year-old male motorcyclist who reportedly crossed into the southbound lane. A second car, also traveling south, then collided with the motorcycle head-on. 

The risk of MRSA infection from a dog bite

A bite from a dog can put a person at risk for a number of serious diseases, including tetanus and rabies. People in Connecticut may not associate an infection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with a canine attack. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control, dogs can be asymptomatic carriers of MRSA, and a bite can cause a person to become infected with one of these dangerous strains of bacteria. Not only that, but a bite can also be an indirect cause of MRSA infection if the bacteria is already present on a person's skin.

The reason MRSA is so dangerous is that the antibiotics ordinarily used to treat similar infections do not work against it. Previous exposure to antibiotics has made the bacteria resistant to them. According to the Mayo Clinic, the difficulty involved in treating MRSA infection can allow the bacteria to spread throughout the body. When this happens, it can cause potentially life-threatening complications in the heart, lungs, bones, joints and bloodstream.

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