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Did A Trucker’s Error Lead To Injuries?

When a truck driver makes an error that results in an accident, it is the people in the other vehicle who pay the price. Truck drivers typically walk away from accidents, while those in smaller vehicles are carried away in an ambulance.

At the law firm of Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., we take truck safety very seriously. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, our lawyers will take the time to investigate issues such as truck driver error. From our office in Wallingford, we represent injured people in New Haven and throughout Connecticut. To schedule a free consultation with an attorney at our firm, call (203) 265-2035.

Truck Accidents Caused By Driver Error

In the aftermath of a truck accident, the insurance company covering the truck will conduct an immediate investigation, looking for ways to blame the accident on the other driver. To protect your interests, you need someone investigating the actions of the trucking company and driver.

Examples of truck driver error include:

  • Failure to take required rest breaks, resulting in driver fatigue
  • Use of drugs to stay awake
  • Truck driver speeding
  • Driving too fast for weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow
  • Truck tailgating
  • Unsecured loads
  • Driving an overweight truck
  • Failure to check truck safety equipment such as lights and brakes
  • Driving in a restricted lane for trucks
  • Using a cellphone while driving
  • Jackknife accidents

Our lawyers will investigate the backgrounds of the driver and the trucking company. Evidence of past violations can be powerful evidence in your case.

Learn more about our personal injury attorneys: Charles P. Reed, and John F. Riley Jr.

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