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New Haven Land Use Lawyer

In matters of zoning and land use, landowners or prospective buyers are often puzzled by regulations, requirements, and limitations. While a real estate agent or seller may offer useful information and good deals, they cannot advise purchasers of all potential legal pitfalls in a proposed purchase or sale of real property. An experienced and dedicated zoning and land use lawyer, on the other hand, can offer the depth of counsel that a prospective landowner needs to make the right decisions and put development plans in motion.

Experienced New Haven Zoning And Land Use Attorneys

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Whether you are considering buying a property or already own a property and are encountering issues with a government entity or other authority, Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., can provide the caliber of legal advice that you need to protect your rights and interests.

Contact our law firm to discuss land use regulations that determine what you can do with your property and how these regulations will affect your planned uses. Relevant regulations can determine such issues as whether your property was properly subdivided or whether an accessory apartment or multifamily use is legal. If you are considering making improvements, regulations may dictate where and how you are allowed to make those changes to be in compliance.

Consult with a New Haven land use lawyer regarding regulations that can affect your ability to use a property and/or obtain financing for a property by calling or emailing our law firm. If you need representation in petitioning a municipality to obtain a land-use approval or variance, Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C.’s experienced land use lawyers can provide direction and solutions.

Our attorneys offer residential landowners, purchasers, and sellers, as well as developers, in-depth knowledge and experience in diverse zoning and land use issues such as:

  • Inland wetlands and watercourse protections
  • Health District requirements
  • Coastal management areas
  • Aquifer and watershed protection zones
  • Army Corps of Engineers (COE) regulations
  • Conservation commissions
  • Historic districts

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Get the answers and solutions you need with regard to zoning or land use questions. Contact us and schedule a consultation with one of our land use and real estate lawyers at your convenience.

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