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Meriden Worker’s Compensation Attorney

It is unfortunately rather common to hear news of disastrous and catastrophic workplace injuries in Meriden and throughout Connecticut. Every year, thousands of workers in the state end up in hospitals and emergency rooms with serious – and often life-altering – personal injuries. Dozens of others lose their lives in fatal work accidents. If you were injured on the job in Meriden, state law may entitle you to justice in the form of financial compensation. Contact the Meriden workers’ compensation attorneys at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. today to schedule a free consultation about your case.

Why Choose Us For Meriden Worker’s Compensation Claims?

  • We have years of experience representing victims during workers’ compensation claims.
  • We are passionate about protecting the rights and best interests of Connecticut’s workers.
  • We can help you cut through the red tape of a claim to obtain optimal results.
  • We will treat you to individualized care and attention during every step of your case.
  • We handle workers’ compensation claims in Meriden on a contingency fee basis.
  • We will get you the most money for any work injury.

What Benefits Can You Receive With a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The Connecticut workers’ compensation system provides no-fault benefits to injured workers or the surviving loved ones of those killed on the job. It is a program centered on medical expenses associated with job-related injuries. A successful workers’ compensation claim could lead to a benefits check for a few different damages.

  • Two-thirds of your weekly wages for time missed at work.
  • Temporary or permanent partial disability benefits.
  • Temporary or permanent full disability benefits.
  • Disfigurement or mutilation (extra benefits).
  • Job retraining or vocational rehabilitation benefits.
  • Employee death benefits for survivors.

A workers’ compensation claim can be faster and easier than traditional litigation. Your lawyer will not need to prove anyone’s fault for your injury. The compensation you receive, however, may fall short of what is available during a personal injury lawsuit. A lawsuit, for example, could pay you for intangible losses such as pain and suffering. You could also recover 100% of your lost wages rather than only a fraction. This is why it is important to discuss your Meriden accident case with our attorneys before accepting a settlement.

Common Reasons Insurers Give for Denying Workers Comp Claims in Meriden

After a workplace accident and injury, report what happened to your employer right away. Your employer will generate a First Report of Injury Form and submit it to the state’s claims administration board. The board will either approve or deny our claim based on a review of the facts presented. You might receive a claim denial for reasons such as a missed deadline, delayed injury reporting, lack of medical documentation, horseplay, comparative negligence, preexisting condition, or lack of coverage. Always seek a second opinion from an attorney after receiving a workers’ compensation denial. You might be the victim of insurance bad faith.

How Can a Meriden Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help You?

Working with a Meriden workers’ compensation attorney can turn your legal experience around. Rather than facing insurance companies and the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission alone, your lawyer can represent you during settlement negotiations or a trial. Your attorney can answer frequently asked questions, such as what your claim could be worth. Your lawyer can also ensure you follow the rules for a valid claim, such as filing by the state’s deadline. Finally, an attorney can explore all potential outlets for recovery, including third-party claims against product manufacturers, contractors, property owners, government agencies, drivers and other parties.

Contact a Meriden Workers’ Compensation Attorney Now

Act quickly as the victim of a work accident in Meriden – the clock is ticking on your workers’ compensation claim. You have just one year from the date of your injury (or three years of the first symptom of an occupational illness) to file your claim. Notifying your employer or submitting a First Report of Injury Form is not the same as filing a claim. Work with the meriden personal injury lawyers at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. to get your claim in on time. We can help you with all the legwork involved in pursuing maximum financial compensation after a workplace injury. Contact us now for your free legal consultation in Meriden.

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