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Meriden Fire and Explosion Lawyer

Fires and explosions can cause catastrophic injuries such as severe burns, disfigurement, permanent scarring, shrapnel injuries, traumatic brain injuries and losses of limbs. Most fires and explosions in Meriden, Connecticut are preventable. They occur due to negligence. At Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., our Meriden personal injury attorneys have years of experience handling fire and explosion lawsuits for their clients. If you have a serious injury or a loved one died in this type of disaster, do not hesitate to contact us. One or more parties may owe you compensation.

Why Hire Our Meriden Fire and Explosion Lawyers?

  • We know how to obtain real results. We have a reputation for excellence in Meriden.
  • We have more than 100 years of experience among all of our lawyers combined.
  • We have a conveniently located office to accept clients throughout Connecticut.
  • We have experience as defense lawyers, giving us insights into the other side.
  • We will not be paid unless we achieve a positive settlement or verdict.

Who Is Liable for Fire and Explosion Claims in Meriden?

Liability refers to the financial responsibility for an accident. Liability for a Meriden fire or explosion will come down to the person or party most at fault for causing or failing to prevent the disaster. An investigation into the cause of the fire or explosion that injured you could point to the liable party. Some cases in Connecticut involve shared liability among multiple parties. Our attorneys can help you determine liability for your injuries.

Utility Company

Fires and explosions can arise due to poorly installed or maintained gas pipelines and other gas-powered utilities, as well as powerlines and electrical components. For example, a leaky gas pipe could cause a deadly explosion in Meriden. A private company or the city could be liable for fires and explosions related to faulty utilities.

Product Manufacturer

Many explosions trace back to defective or poorly constructed consumer products. A bad engine, faulty e-cigarette battery, defective water heater, dangerously designed pressure cooker or another defective product could overheat, catch fire or explode while in use. These types of incidents could point to the manufacturer’s liability.


Some fires and explosions in Meriden happen while at work. A workplace or job site could contain hazards such as volatile chemicals, gas or oil, open flames, electrical components, powerlines, and explosives. If a preventable disaster at work caused your injuries, your employer may owe you compensation.

Property Owner

A property owner or controller may be liable for a fire or explosion that has to do with inherent defects on the premises, such as faulty wiring. If a property owner knew or had reason to know about the dangerous defect, yet did nothing to repair it, the owner could be financially responsible for damages.

Vehicle Operator

A car, truck, bus or another vehicle accident could cause an engine fire and significant burn injuries, as well as the risk of explosions. This is especially true in commercial truck accidents involving the transportation of hazardous substances. Aircraft accidents also frequently involve fires and explosions. A negligent operator may be liable for these incidents.

These are common defendants in fire and explosion injury claims in Meriden. The attorneys at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. can go up against any person, company or entity in pursuit of compensation for you. We can investigate the tragedy, identify the liable parties and file claims against them on your behalf. We can also take cases to trial, when necessary.

Contact Our Meriden Fire and Explosion Attorneys Today

After a fire or explosion, your main focus should be on your physical and emotional recovery. Allow our attorneys to take care of your financial recovery so you can have the peace of mind to concentrate on getting better. Our lawyers in Meriden, CT will stand up for your rights and demand maximum compensation from one or more parties for you. Discuss your fire or explosion case in more detail with our local attorneys today. Call (203) 902-4504 or tell us about your case online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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