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Meriden Drunk Driving Lawyers

Drunk driving is a leading cause of car-accident related deaths in Connecticut. In 2019, driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and/or alcohol caused 2,896 vehicle accidents in Connecticut. Over 60 of these collisions were fatal. Drunk drivers are highly likely to make reckless decisions and careless mistakes behind the wheel, such as speeding or running red lights. At Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C, we help victims take a stand against drunk drivers in Meriden, Connecticut. Our car accident attorneys may be able to help you obtain compensation from a DUI driver. Contact us today to start with a free drunk driving accident case review.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our attorneys tailor their legal services to address each client’s unique goals and concerns. Customized services can improve your odds of obtaining fair compensation.
  • Our law firm has some attorneys with defense backgrounds, giving us unique insights into how the other side works.
  • Our lawyers have over 100 years of collective legal experience. We understand the ins and outs of drunk driving accident civil laws in Connecticut.
  • Our drunk driving attorneys are proud to have many positive client testimonials from previous claimants. We maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

The Insurance Process After a Drunk Driving Accident

Dealing with an insurance claims adjuster is not easy after a serious drunk driving accident. The claims adjuster is the person the insurance company assigns to review your case. Claims adjusters are not on your side. They may try to convince you to accept a lowball settlement offer or do other things that could hurt your claim for the benefit of the insurer, such as giving a recorded statement. Hiring a DUI accident lawyer in Meriden, CT is the most effective way to communicate with a claims adjuster while protecting your rights. Your attorney can use proven tactics to negotiate for fair damage recovery while you spend your time healing from your injuries.


How to Prove a Drunk Driver’s Fault

Connecticut is a fault insurance state. It uses traditional tort-based laws during auto accident claims. After a collision in Meriden, CT, you can bring a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider for benefits. It will be up to you or your lawyer, however, to prove that driver’s fault for causing your collision. A lawyer can help you with the burden of proof. Your lawyer can work to gather evidence that could prove duty, breach of duty, causation and damages against the DUI driver.

  • Police reports
  • Breathalyzer test results
  • Blood or urine analyses
  • Field sobriety test police cam footage
  • Photographs of the accident
  • Vehicle damage examination
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Expert testimony
  • Medical documentation

In a civil lawsuit, proving your eligibility for compensation takes a preponderance of the evidence. This is a lighter burden than having to prove the defendant’s fault beyond a reasonable doubt. You or your attorney must simply demonstrate that the drunk driver was more likely to have caused your car accident than not to have caused your accident. Our drunk driving lawyers at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. may be able to help you prove a drunk driver’s fault and liability for your damages.

Damages Available During a Meriden Drunk Driving Accident Claim

If your lawyer succeeds in proving the other driver was drunk and this caused your accident, you could receive compensation for your economic and noneconomic damages. The drunk driver might owe you money for damages such as pain and suffering, property repairs, medical bills, lost wages, legal costs, and disability expenses. The value of your insurance claim or lawsuit will depend on the nature and extent of your injuries. In general, catastrophic injury claims in Meriden, CT will receive greater compensation than minor injury claims. Discuss your recent drunk driving accident with our attorneys for an idea of what your case might be worth.

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A free consultation at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. could explain your rights, review your legal options and provide advice about how to move forward after a harmful drunk driving accident in Meriden. Discuss your crash with our local lawyers today. Contact us online or call our conveniently located law office at (203) 265-2035.

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