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Meriden & Wallingford Drowning Accident Lawyer

Drowning is a terrible tragedy that takes multiple lives in Connecticut each year. Drowning is a bigger problem than most people realize. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is fifth on the list of leading causes of death by unintentional injury in the US. Drowning is a higher risk for young children than adults. If you or a loved one has serious injuries from a drowning accident, our Meriden and Wallingford drowning accident lawyers can help. Contact us at (203) 265-2035 24/7 for a free consultation about a personal injury case.


Why Choose Us for Drowning Accident Claims?

  • Our CT personal injury lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience.
  • Our attorneys know how to go up against all types of defendants in Connecticut.
  • Our law firm has obtained outstanding results for past clients.
  • Our reputation in the area is as one of the top personal injury law firms.
  • Our lawyers communicate openly and often with their clients during cases.

Who Is Liable for a Drowning Accident in Meriden & Wallingford?

Before you or your family can obtain compensation for a drowning accident in Meriden or Wallingford, you must determine liability. Liability is someone’s financial responsibility for your damages. Someone may be liable if that person negligently or recklessly caused your accident and injuries. A drowning incident could place liability with a few different parties, depending on the circumstances.

  • Swimming pool owner. If the drowning accident occurred in a swimming pool, the owner of the pool or property may be liable. All swimming pool owners in Connecticut have a duty to reasonably ensure the safety of their pools. This duty includes putting up barriers to keep wandering children safely out. If a property owner breached this duty of care, he or she could be liable for your drowning accident or a loved one’s death.
  • Business or hotel. Many drowning accidents take place on commercial properties, such as community swimming pools, hotels, spas and the YMCA. In these situations, if the company or one of its employees was negligent and this contributed to the accident, the company would be liable for damages.
  • School district. If your child was injured or killed in a drowning accident at school or during a school-sponsored function, you may be able to hold the school responsible. A school will be vicariously liable for the actions of its staff members, including teachers and lifeguards. It may also be liable for a swimming pool that is unsafe due to a lack of maintenance or inspections.

The vast majority of drowning accidents, injuries and deaths occur in swimming pools. Swimming pools can be extremely dangerous places when improperly maintained – especially for young children who cannot swim. Common causes of swimming pool accidents include lack of supervision, missing drain covers, slippery pool surfaces and lack of a swimming pool barrier. Whether you already know what caused your drowning accident or you wish to hire professional investigators, contact us to start with a free consultation.

What Compensation Is Available?

If you or your personal injury attorney can prove that another party negligently caused your drowning accident, you could recover financial compensation for your past and future losses. These can include medical costs, pain and suffering, legal fees, lost wages, and wrongful death damages, depending on your case. Before you can receive compensation for a serious injury or a loved one’s death, however, you or your lawyer must demonstrate the defendant’s fault as more likely to be true than not true. An attorney can help you with this burden of proof.

Contact Our Meriden and Wallingford Drowning Accident Lawyers Today

You do not have to deal with a drowning accident injury claim alone in Connecticut. Our Meriden and Wallingford drowning accident lawyers can represent you throughout the insurance claims process. If you or a loved one has injuries such as brain damage, organ damage or permanent disabilities from a drowning incident, we can help. Contact us online 24/7 or call (203) 265-2035 for a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys. We have the lawyers, resources and experience you need.

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