You may feel embarrassed and reluctant to reach out for help after fall or trip injuries. It's important to recognize that your injuries could be more serious than they may have seemed at first. Slip-and-fall injury victims can suffer ongoing pain, miss work and require medical treatment that goes above insurance limits. What are your rights in a premises liability accident?

Public, private and commercial property owners have a legal duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe manner. If you have been injured because of unsafe property conditions, we invite you to contact the personal injury lawyers at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C.

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Two-Year Statute Of Limitations

It is always best, of course, to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible after a slip-and-fall accident. Your attorney can best preserve the evidence while it is fresh and interview witnesses before details are forgotten.

Many people, however, wait. It may take months or longer for them to realize the severity of their injuries. Be aware that your right to pursue compensation could be foreclosed if you wait too long.

Ice And Snow Accumulations Can Cause Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Parking lots, sidewalks, entry walks and steps should be cleared of snow and ice within a reasonable time after a winter storm. In most Connecticut communities, homeowners are responsible for clearing the public sidewalks in front of their property. Failure to clean up after one storm may leave an icy hazard that is covered by the next storm. If you have fallen and suffered an injury, contact an attorney to learn about your legal options.

An oil spill or refrigeration leak can create a dangerously slippery floor in a supermarket. If the store failed to promptly clean up the problem and a customer suffered a slip-and-fall injury, the store may be liable. If a homeowner fails to repair broken steps leading to the mailbox, the owner is liable if the postal carrier trips, falls and is injured.

Find Out Your Legal Options

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