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Meriden Dog Bite Lawyer

The skill of your Meriden dog bite lawyer can make a major difference to your personal injury claim. Going up against a pet owner or another party without legal representation could expose you to insurance bad faith practices and defense tactics to try to limit your recovery. Hiring an attorney from Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C, can allow you to protect your rights and negotiate for maximum possible compensation. If a dog attacked you or a loved one in New Haven County, please contact us for a free injury consultation.

Why Choose Us?

  • We help our clients pursue the best possible results through aggressive legal representation and proven negotiation strategies. We also have the power to take dog bite claims to court in Connecticut.
  • We offer individualized attention by Meriden dog bite lawyers. Our lawyers understand how physically and psychologically traumatic a dog attack can be. We are here to provide personal care and attention.
  • We have over a century of combined legal experience among our personal injury attorneys. We have represented thousands of satisfied claimants throughout New Haven, Wallingford and Meriden in Connecticut.

Why You Need a Meriden Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog owners are often passionate about refuting liability for the injuries their dogs cause – especially catastrophic or fatal injuries. They often believe liability will mean having to put the dog down or surrender the animal and will not cooperate with claims. Furthermore, their homeowners insurance companies may try to deny valid injury claims, undervalue damages or delay settlement checks. The most effective way to obtain fair compensation for a serious dog attack injury is by hiring an attorney. A lawyer can circumvent roadblocks that might otherwise interfere with your full and fair recovery.

Meriden Dog Bite Laws

Hiring a Meriden personal injury lawyer is also important to enable you to navigate Connecticut’s dog bite injury laws. Your attorney will have an in-depth understanding of each state law that may apply to your case, including leash laws, dangerous dog laws, premises liability laws, negligence laws and dog bite injury laws. Knowledge of these laws – especially Connecticut’s dog bite law – can strengthen your claim to damages in Meriden.

Connecticut is a strict liability dog bite state. In brief terms, this means most pet owners will be financially responsible for injuries and damages their dogs cause, even if the owner was not negligent. Proving negligence or fault is not a requirement during most dog bite injury claims in the state. You or your lawyer must only demonstrate that you have an injury or damages, that the dog caused them, and that you were not trespassing or tormenting/abusing the dog. Your case could also involve many other related laws our lawyers can help you navigate. We can answer any questions you may have about dog bite laws on the road to recovery.

Compensation Available for a Dog Bite Injury in Meriden

The highly traumatic nature of most dog attacks can give these cases potentially large values. For example, dog bite injury claims involving catastrophic injuries such as deep lacerations, broken bones, facial injuries, head and brain injuries, loss of limb, permanent scarring or disfigurement, and wrongful death demand full compensation. Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C, pursues maximum compensation for clients using aggressive legal strategies. Our attorneys may be able to obtain just compensation on your behalf to cover both economic and noneconomic damages, including counseling, hospital bills, surgeries, lost wages, pain and suffering, psychological distress, legal fees, punitive damages, and more.

Contact a Meriden, Connecticut Dog Bite Lawyer

Every dog bite injury case is unique. Discuss your individual accident and needs with our lawyers at no cost or obligation during a free consultation at our local law firm. Our dog bite injury lawyers have the years of experience and comprehensive resources you need for a strong claim to damages. If a dog recently attacked you or a loved one in Meriden, Connecticut, contact our local law firm at (203) 265-2035. We also respond promptly to online consultation requests.


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