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August 2016 Archives

Woman loses fingers, is bit on face in pit bull attack

Despite how strongly pitbull owners in Connecticut advocate that their dogs' breed can be loving and wonderful family pets, the reality that these dogs are also frequently involved in attacks on humans or other dogs cannot be ignored. Yet again, reports have surfaced about a violent incident in which two pit bulls left a woman with injuries on multiple parts of her body.

Video - Tips for When You're in a Motor Vehicle Accident (2016)

Motor Vehicle Accidents can be extremely devastating, but are always unexpected. While it may be difficult to feel prepared for the possibility of an accident, we've put together several tips that you should keep in mind just in case the worst happens to you. Following these tips immediately after being in an accident will help you build a strong case. 

Woman charged with manslaughter after drugged driving death

Connecticut residents are all-too aware of the dangers that that drunk drivers pose to innocent victims on area roads. However, alcohol is not the only drug that can be a problem when it comes to impaired driving. Many people make the choice to drive vehicles after using legal or illegal drugs as well. The outcomes of these decisions can be just as deadly as those involving alcohol and driving.

Accident risks associated with debris on roads

Summer vacation time often means road trips. For many Connecticut residents, this may also mean packed vehicles that require putting extra items on rooftops or towing gear in trailers. While this can be an effective means of transporting things, it may also increase the risk of accidents according to AAA.

Drunk driver faces manslaughter for death of best friend

Despite ongoing public awareness campaigns by local municipalities, advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and more, drunk driving accidents continue to be a problem in Connecticut. Too many people refuse to get the message that driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol is simply not safe. The accidents that result from this poor decision include many types of people from all walks of life. Professionals, politicians, entertainers and more. Sometimes, the people who drink and drive fall into somewhat stereotypical categories.

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