Risk of injuries and death in nursing homes

Firm News,Wrongful Death On Thursday, December 8, 2016

When many Connecticut residents place loved ones in nursing homes, they trust that their family members will be in good care. While many seniors experience good care in these facilities, others have a different experience. The Hartford Courant says that in early 2016, deaths and injuries in nursing homes brought fines to five institutions.

Neglect and incomplete procedures can cause injuries and sometimes even death to seniors. One nursing home was fined after a senior received a head injury while rising from a chair unassisted. Another died after falling out of bed while a staff member was helping the resident turn over. Many of these incidents are the result of staff members failing to follow the necessary procedures. One nursing home spokesman has said that these facilities do not tolerate improper care and are very serious about ensuring that residents receive the best care possible. After incidents that result in injuries or death, many nursing homes increase the level of training their staff receives.

Nursing homes receive yearly rankings to ensure that they are following proper procedures. According to Nursing Home Report Cards, Connecticut is one of the states with the fewest maladministration complaints. However, of all Northeastern states, Connecticut was the only one with a lower annual ranking. The state was ranked at 36 in 2013 and 37 in 2014.

Nursing home care is graded on criteria that include health inspections and the number of staff hours per resident. In 2014, Connecticut facilities were reported to give their residents excellent care. However, health inspection reports were not good. Many nursing homes were also found to have deficiencies.


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