Preventing postal worker dog bites

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Connecticut dog owners may imagine that their pet would never harm anyone. However, thousands of postal workers are bitten by dogs every year. Dog owners need to be aware of the reality of these attacks so that they may take precautions.

Postal workers have good reason to be wary of dogs. According to Mental Floss, dogs bit 6,549 mailmen in 2015. Because up to 47 percent of households have pet dogs, postal workers are brought into close contact with these animals on a regular basis. The chance of a dog bite is increased by the fact that some cities deliver mail on Sundays and more packages are being delivered. Although a dog may be considered to be friendly, some animals think the mailman’s arrival is threatening, which can cause them to become aggressive.

Dog owners should take preventative steps to ensure that both their dog and the mailman do not have any negative encounters. The Washington Post says that parents may want to accept mail and packages themselves, as a dog may try to protect children if it thinks the postal worker is a threat. Bites can also be prevented when owners are responsible. Keeping dogs in a separate room can help ensure that both animals and postal workers are safe. Additionally, dog owners may want to purchase liability insurance.

Because of the increase of dog bites, the postal service is taking extra caution. Dog owners may sometimes need to alert postal workers to the presence of a dog if a package is being picked up from their home. Additionally, mailmen are told about dogs that may live on their route so they can exercise caution.

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