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May 2016 Archives

Are Connecticut’s DUI penalties tough enough?

As is typical over a holiday weekend or period, Connecticut residents must be concerned about an increase in potential drunk driving activity. This is something that should not need to happen as there are always alternative modes of transportation available. Instead of driving drunk, people can call a cab or other paid ride, get rides with friends or even walk. People can also choose not to drink if they know they must drive.

How serious is distracted driving?

Connecticut residents have long heard about the serious consequences that innocent people can be forced to suffer due to the actions of drunk drivers. While the war on drunk driving is far from over, there has been an increased awareness about these dangers that may help. At the same time, however, a new danger continues to loom and perhaps even grow—distracted driving.

Dangers of boating and drinking

As the Memorial Day holiday fast approaches, thoughts of summer fun and recreation become more and more prevalent in the minds of people in Connecticut residents. If you are like many people, this fun may involve enjoying the open water. Whether on lakes, rivers or the Atlantic Ocean, boating is among one of the quintessential summer joys. However, when the consumption of alcohol is paired with boating, the potential for danger increases greatly.

Dog laws in Connecticut

Whether small or large, dogs may be capable of harming other animals or people. Connecticut residents who have dogs as pets should be aware of the state’s laws concerning dog ownership and owner liability. Persons who do not have dogs as pets should also know these laws in the event that they or their loved ones are ever the victims of a dog attack.

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