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October 2013 Archives

Man sues Sugarloaf Mountain for injuries after chairlift derailed

Business and property owners in New Haven, as well as in other cities throughout the U.S., have a responsibility to maintain their facilities and equipment and to train their workers in the proper operation of that equipment in order to ensure the safety of those who come onto the premises. If these responsibilities are not fulfilled, it can lead to accidents and serious injuries or even death.

2-year-old attacked by pit bull at home of family friend

Dog owners in New Haven, and elsewhere, are responsible for properly training and socializing their pets. This is not only to protect the public in the event the dogs get loose, but also to ensure the safety of the owners themselves and anyone who they bring into their homes.

Woman and daughter killed in drunk driving accident

Readers in New Haven are likely aware that, even when consumed responsibly, alcohol consumption can cause vision and judgment impairment, slowed reflexes and several other physical effects. As a result of these effects, it is very common for accidents to occur when someone who has been drinking gets behind the wheel. While the drunk driver may be injured or face criminal charges because of such an accident, they could also cause serious harm or even death for other drivers and passengers.

Woman sues Con Edison for wrongful death of daughter during Sandy

Readers in New Haven likely recall Superstorm Sandy and the devastation she left in her wake. In addition to the destruction of buildings, homes and cars, the storm caused hazardous conditions that resulted in injuries and even deaths up and down the east coast. Following the storm, the National Hurricane Center reported that, directly resulting from Sandy, at least 72 people were killed.

Connecticut car crash kills 3-year-old girl, injures her brother

Even if you do everything right, signal, wear your safety belt, use caution and keep an eye on the other vehicles around you, car accidents can and do happen. Whether due to a drunk driver, distracted driver or just a series of unfortunate events, auto accidents can result in serious injuries or even death for drivers and their passengers.

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