Woman dies of heart attack after attacked by 2 pit bulls

Firm News On Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pet owners have the responsibility to not only just care for their dogs, but also to ensure that they are kept secure in a home or fenced yard. Even dogs whose owners believe they are properly socialized and safe to be around can sometimes snap and attack a person or another animal. For people in New Haven, as well as other localities throughout the U.S., the trauma of a dog attack can be long lasting and can stretch beyond just the serious injury that dog bites can cause.

The husband of a woman who died recently reportedly blames a recent dog attack for her heart’s failing. According to reports, a week prior to her death, the woman was attacked by two pit bulls while walking near her home. There were no specific details reported regarding the injuries she sustained in the dog attack, but she had been hospitalized following the incident. She and her husband were reportedly awaiting her discharge from the hospital when suffered a fatal heart attack.

According to reports, the woman’s husband claims that the personal injury and trauma from the dog attack caused his wife’s heart to give out. The county’s medical examiner reportedly listed dog bite injuries and heart attack among the causes of death.

In addition to potentially facing criminal charges as a result of the fatal attack, the victim’s husband also could choose to take legal action against the owner of the dogs. A civil lawsuit of this type would likely seek financial compensation for medical expenses resulting from the treatment the woman received for the dog bites, as well as funeral costs and other damages. A lawyer can explain his options for legal recourse and answer any other questions he may have.

Source: King 5 News, “Husband: Dog attack caused wife’s heart to fail,” Adam Mertz, Nov. 6, 2013

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