Drunk driving, auto fatalities and more impact insurance costs

Firm News On Thursday, December 26, 2013

Connecticut motorists face the daily challenges and risks inherent with sharing the roads with other drivers. Even under the best of circumstances, car accidents can happen. When you add in other factors such as alcohol use, the chance for such events can increase. A drunk driving accident can result in devastating injuries and even death and leave victims searching for help and compensation.

Drivers with convictions for drunk driving on their driving records face many consequences including higher auto insurance premiums. Other factors also affect the ultimate assessment of rates for motor vehicle insurance. CarInsuranceComparison.com performs annual surveys of various state data to determine the safety trends around the nation. This information is then used in part to determine such auto insurance rates and can affect the variation that may be seen from state to state.

The information recently released for the past year shows southern states leading the way for poor driving records. Of the top 10 states noted for the worst drivers, seven of those are in the south. While the northeast fared better overall, the statistics show that there are still many concerns for drivers and pedestrians alike. Factors like the number of traffic tickets and vehicular deaths were utilized in the report. The number of arrests noted by a drunk driver and rate of failure to obey signals or other key laws were also noted.

Anybody who is involved in an auto accident, whether a work-related accident, an accident caused by a drunk driver or one stemming from other circumstances may benefit from talking to an attorney. Learning how to obtain compensation when due can be helpful during a difficult time.

Source: Fox Business, “Better Buckle Up! 10 Worst State for Drivers in U.S.,” Rogers, December 16, 2013.

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