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June 2013 Archives

Car accident in Connecticut takes the life of passenger

When a car accident takes the life of a loved one in New Haven, there is little that can console the family. They typically have quite a few questions to which there is usually no answers. How did this happen? Why did it happen? Who was at fault for the accident?

8-year-old injured in Connecticut car accident

Automobile drivers in Connecticut have the responsibility to be ever vigilant while they are driving. They need to realize that it is not only their life on the line, but the lives of all the other motorists around them. There really is no place for distracted or impaired driving. In today's high-paced world, it seems like there are distractions everywhere from the radio to texting to eating while driving. All it takes is one second to change your entire life and the lives of those around you.

Woman orders two pit bulls to attack news crew

It is one thing to have a dog act out on its own and bite someone in New Haven, CT, but quite another for the owner to actually order it to attack another person. In these types of instances, it can be argued that the owner is actually using his or her pet as a weapon.

Woman who suffered brain injury hopes to help others

With summer right around the corner here in New Haven, residents and visitors alike are starting to break out their motorcycles. For many, a motorcycle can be a great way to get from place to place while enjoying the warm weather. As with any motor vehicle there can be risks involved. Proper safety gear such as properly fitting helmets and leather jackets can help protect the rider, but in some cases this may not be enough to prevent serious injuries.

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