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February 2013 Archives

Two pedestrians dead, one injured after being hit by SUV

With the severe winter storms we have had lately here in Connecticut, the potential for accidents involving cars has increased. Driving in the snow and ice is a whole different ballgame, and unfortunately, there are drivers out there who do not realize this. When the road is wet or snow-packed, it can be slippery and hard to stop. Drivers should be extra careful and slow down.

Dog bite victim's family wins lawsuit against dog owner

Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to worry about the basics like making sure it has plenty of food, water and exercise, you also need to be aware of the legal responsibilities you take on when you own a dog. In the state of Connecticut, when a dog causes damage to another person's body or property, the owner of that dog is usually held accountable for those damages, with a few exceptions.

Accident leaves two pedestrians with critical injuries

A car hit a family of four walking along the shoulder of a roadway in Connecticut. The pedestrian accident resulted in two members of the family being hospitalized with what doctors are characterizing as critical injuries. Both the vehicle and the pedestrians were apparently traveling east at the time of the accident.

Casino nightclub settles wrongful death suit for $4.2M

Back on Jan. 22, we discussed the wrongful death lawsuit brought against a Connecticut nightclub by the parents of a college student who was killed in a drunk driving accident in 2009. The drunk driver in the fatal crash had spent several hours drinking at Ultra 88, a club within the Mohegan Sun casino. The victim's parents said that Ultra 88 servers continued to serve alcohol to the driver even though he was obviously intoxicated, then allowed him to drive off.

Connecticut teen writes memoir of traumatic brain injury

A 19-year-old Connecticut man has made an incredible journey the last nine years, which has carried him through four different hospitals. When he was only nine years old, he was struck by a pickup truck at the end of a driveway while riding on a tricycle. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was not given much of a chance to even survive.

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