Why should you report a fall immediately?

Firm News,Slip-And-Fall Accidents On Friday, June 22, 2018

After a fall, it can be tempting to hold off on immediately seeking compensation. Many people, potentially including you, may think that it’s only a small accident and not worth looking into immediately, or you might feel fine. Loughlin & Fitzgerald, attorneys at law, are here to explain exactly why you might not want to wait at all.

There are a number of reasons that make it a good idea to report any slip-and-fall accidents as soon as possible. First of all, there’s a two-year statute of limitations. What does this mean for you? Unfortunately, it means that you don’t have an endless amount of time to make your accident claims. If too much time has passed between your claim and the incident in which you were injured, your right to seek compensation will be foreclosed.

Secondly, you don’t always know the extent of your injuries right away. It’s all too easy to brush off a fall as a simple little accident. You may think any pain you suffer from is just the result of a scrape or a bruise. In many instances, people with more severe injuries don’t immediately know just how bad their state is. You could be dealing with damage to your joints and ligaments, bone bruising, or even breaks and sprains. Issues like these can take months to heal from, costing you in both medical expenses and lost wages.

If you have suffered from any injury in a slip-and-fall accident, it’s your right to seek compensation for your pain. Acting immediately will often times be in your best interest. Check out our web page on premise liability litigation for an idea on where to start.

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