What to Do if You’ve Sustained a Back or Neck Injury in a Car Accident

Car Accidents On Monday, July 31, 2023

Injuries involving the neck, back and spine are relatively common in car accidents. Motor vehicle collisions present many opportunities for a victim’s neck or spinal cord to be whipped rapidly back and forth, fractured, crushed, or penetrated by sharp objects. If you sustain a back or neck injury in an automobile accident, learn what steps to take to protect yourself physically and financially.

Restrict Your Movements

In the aftermath of a car accident, if you experience pain, stiffness, immobility, numbness or tingling anywhere in your body, limit your movements as much as possible. You may have suffered a spinal cord injury. Moving or twisting the wrong way after a car accident, when the spine is vulnerable to injury, could exacerbate the damage and potentially turn a minor or mild injury into a catastrophic one, such as permanent paralysis. Move yourself out of the way of immediate danger, but then restrict your movements until help arrives.

Call for Help 

Call 911 from the scene of the car accident using a cell phone to report the crash. Tell the police you believe you have been injured if you notice potential symptoms of a neck or back injury. They will send paramedics to the scene to help you. If a spine injury is suspected, paramedics will immobilize your back and neck to help prevent additional damage. Then, you will be taken in an ambulance to the nearest hospital or emergency room for additional tests, injury diagnosis and treatment. 

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders 

Do not delay in seeking medical care if you suspect a back or neck injury in New Haven. These injuries require immediate professional medical attention. Waiting could exacerbate your injury and lead to permanent effects, as well as hurt your chances of qualifying for car insurance coverage. If you are diagnosed with whiplash, a herniated or ruptured disc, a back fracture, a severed spine, nerve damage, or another type of spinal cord injury, follow your doctor’s treatment plan exactly. Attend all required follow-up appointments and rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions.

Document Your Injury

Make a record of your back or neck injury as you undergo treatments. Obtain copies of your police report, car accident report, medical records, x-rays, doctor’s notes, hospital bills, prescriptions and lost wages documents if you had to miss time at work because of your injury. It can also help to keep an injury journal, where you log how you are feeling and how your back or neck injury impacts your daily life. This can help demonstrate to an insurer, judge or jury how the injury has affected your life.

File a Car Accident Claim  

In Connecticut, the at-fault car insurance law places financial responsibility on the driver or party most at fault for causing the collision. If the other driver involved in your accident was texting and driving, speeding, or violating a traffic law, his or her car insurance policy may be liable for your damages. This includes all past and future medical costs associated with a serious back or neck injury. Call the other driver’s insurer to file a claim as soon as possible.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

When talking to a car insurance claims adjuster about your crash, do not admit fault for the accident and do not discuss your back or neck injury until you’ve spoken to a doctor. Do not give the insurance company a recorded statement about the accident. Most importantly, do not rush to accept a fast settlement for your injury. 

Before saying yes to a settlement offer, consult with a car accident lawyer in New Haven. An attorney can preserve your rights and best interests in the fight for fair financial compensation from an insurance provider. You can trust a New Haven personal injury attorney to seek maximum financial recovery on your behalf while you heal from your neck or back injury. 

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