What is negligent security?

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Premises liability is about more than a slip-and-fall accident in Connecticut. Another side of this liability, known as negligent security, holds owners responsible for injuries sustained on their property due to a lack of security. At Loughlin Fitzgerald, we understand how frightening and traumatic it is to be the victim of assault, robbery or another criminal act. We work with clients in these circumstances to ensure they are fairly compensated for physical and emotional issues arising from the crime.

The New York Post reports that survivors of the horrific shooting two years ago in a Florida nightclub are suing Twitter, Google and Facebook for providing the ISIS terrorist group the means of distributing its propaganda. Their argument is that the three tech companies supported the group by giving them a forum. By providing this “support,” the suit contends, they violated the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. This is the latest suit brought by a group of survivors; a judge dismissed another case in mid-April. 

Most cases are filed against people who own venues or public properties, such as nightclubs, amusement parks, parking lots and malls, sports arenas, apartment complexes and airports. Many cases make claims against the owner for not having enough security guards, poor lighting, inadequate surveillance and more. Even if you share some of the blame for causing the injury, you are still able to receive compensation in proportion to the amount of blame you had in causing the problem.

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