Social hosts may be liable for alcohol-related injuries

Firm News On Friday, August 9, 2019

For many people in Connecticut, drinking in private social situations is a normal part of everyday or regular behavior. In many cases, minors begin drinking well before the legal drinking age, often in the homes of family friends or even in their own parent’s or guardian’s home. While these experiences are common, they hold a great deal of risk for the adults responsible for the home or private space.

This behavior is even more prevalent in colleges and universities, where a legal adult may host a party at his or her home. Free-flowing alcohol is a regular occurrence in these settings, and the people with legal liability for potential injuries often do not appreciate the seriousness of the circumstances. When a minor receives injuries after drinking in a private social setting, social hosts still may hold some liability for those injuries in Connecticut.

If you are a minor and recently suffered injuries after drinking in a private social setting, you may need to file a personal injury claim to protect your rights to pursue full compensation for your losses. The sooner you begin building your claim, the sooner you can focus on your recovery.

Did a social host attempt to prevent you from consuming alcohol?

When it comes to social host liability, a great deal depends on the knowledge that the host had of illegal activity and the actions they did or did not take to stop that activity. For instance, if an adult stays in a home with a single bottle of whiskey that they keep in a cupboard, and a minor decides to drink the whiskey without the knowledge of the adult, then it may be difficult to prove the liability belongs to the adult.

However, if a legal adult owns a home where minors have access to alcohol and the adult knows about minors drinking alcohol illegally, the adult has a legal responsibility to take “reasonable actions” to stop the minors from drinking.

Reasonable actions may include speaking with the minor, physically removing the alcohol, contacting the parents or guardians of the minor or even contacting the police. If the liable adult does not take reasonable actions to stop illegal activity and minors suffer injuries or cause injuries to others, the adult may be on the hook for resulting damages.

Build a claim to fit your needs

If you suffered injuries that a responsible adult could have prevented by discouraging or preventing you from consuming alcohol while in their private space, then you should examine your legal options.

A strong legal strategy helps ensure that you receive the care and compensation you deserve, keeping your rights secure in the process.

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