How Can a Lawyer Help In My Spinal Cord Injury Case?

Spinal Cord Injuries On Tuesday, May 31, 2022

A spinal cord injury is overwhelming. Your life may be permanently changed in a matter of seconds. If you believe that someone else is responsible for causing your spinal cord injury, you will also have to contend with the insurance claims process and proving liability on top of your injuries. Hiring a spinal cord injury lawyer can be exactly what you need during this difficult time. Your lawyer can take care of everything for you so that you can focus on what matters most – healing and moving forward.

Negotiations With an Insurance Company

You have rights as someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury in a preventable accident in Connecticut. You may be entitled to significant financial compensation for your medical care, lost income and capacity to earn a living wage, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish and emotional distress, property damage, and more. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to collect the financial compensation that you are owed from an insurance company.

Insurance companies are known for using tactics to avoid paying claimants. They prioritize their profits and are often guilty of bad-faith insurance practices to save money, such as devaluing claims and denying claims without reason. An attorney can help you combat these tactics and demand a fair settlement. This is especially important in spinal cord injury cases, where the victim will most likely have a lifetime of medical costs. An insurance company is more likely to take your claim seriously and offer a fair settlement after you hire an attorney.

Knowledge of the Law

An attorney can also take care of the legal side of your spinal cord injury case for you. On your own, this process can be overwhelming – especially while you’re also dealing with the lifestyle changes that accompany your injury. Filing a claim, proving that the defendant is at fault, negotiating for fair compensation and potentially going to trial are all things that you don’t have to do alone. Hiring a lawyer can give you the peace of mind to focus on yourself while a spinal cord injury attorney who understands the law handles the legwork of your claim.

Avoiding Major Mistakes

Without a lawyer giving you advice and guidance, you are at risk of making major mistakes that could ruin your chances of securing financial compensation. You might miss Connecticut’s statute of limitations to file a lawsuit, for example, which is a tight deadline of two years. You might also say the wrong thing to the wrong person, such as accidentally admitting fault for the accident to the police or posting something that hurts your claim on social media. A lawyer can help you avoid these mistakes for the strongest possible claim.

Medical Assistance for Spinal Cord Injuries

A lawyer who specializes in spinal cord injuries will know all of the best physicians, orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation centers in your area. Your lawyer can set you up with top doctors for the highest level of medical care available. In addition, your lawyer can negotiate with a hospital or health care center regarding the payment of your bills. A lawyer can send a letter of protection, for example, which guarantees payment for your medical care out of a future insurance settlement or lawsuit verdict to prevent bill collectors from harassing you. A lawyer can also carefully review your medical charges to potentially negotiate them down.

Maximum Financial Compensation When Results Matter Most

Overall, hiring a personal injury lawyer can be the best choice that you make after suffering a spinal cord injury. From making the legal process as simple and stress-free as possible to pursuing maximum financial compensation when you need results the most, a lawyer can transform your legal experience. A lawyer will understand the true value of your spinal cord injury claim and be willing to go to trial to demand the results that you deserve. For a free consultation with a spinal cord injury lawyer in New Haven, contact Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. today.

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