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June 2015 Archives

The dangerous side of summer

The summer of 2015 is in full swing now and Connecticut residents are enjoying a lovely time of year. However, the summer months can be filled with dangers for people when they take to the road. The chance of being involved in a drunk driving accident or other serious motor vehicle collision exists and can even be greater during this time of the year compared to other times.

Summer driving dangers for teens

Summer has arrived and you, like your fellow Connecticut residents, are no doubt eager to enjoy the warm weather. Many things can feel easier and more fun in the long, sunny days of summer compared to the cold days of winter. Driving is one of these things. Teen drivers especially may feel an increased sense of freedom with school being out of session. This freedom, however, can put your teenager at a greater risk of being involved in a car accident.

Determining which dog breeds are the most dangerous

There are probably few in New Haven who don’t either own a dog or at least know someone who does.  Most of the time, these animals remain calm and docile around people. However, this calm demeanor often causes people to forget that they are animals, and thus subject to moments when instinct takes over and they become aggressive. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 368,425 dog bite injuries that required medical treatment in 2001. While it may be difficult to know just when a dog will attack, one can know which breeds pose the greatest risks to people.


Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. lawyer W. Glen Pierson just completed negotiating the settlement of a claim involving a client who fell to the ground after being startled by a barking dog. The dog, which was obscured from view by a fence and hedge, was on residential premises while the client was on an adjacent public sidewalk. The fall caused the client to fracture her arm and sustain other personal injuries and damages. The claim was resolved on a pre-suit basis for $176,500.00. 

Basics of traumatic brain injuries

Anyone in Connecticut who has sustained a severe bump to the head can have some level of understanding about brain injuries. Even a mild hit can result in dizziness or confusion, even if just momentarily. As noted by WebMD.com, a brain injury can be anything from a mild concussion to a more serious injury that results in permanent brain damage. Anything that shakes the brain or that pierces through the skull can bruise or tear the brain. The severity of a traumatic brain injury is impacted by the nature of an individual incident as well as the experience of any repeated injuries.

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