Mother injured, daughters killed by minivan driver

Car Accidents,Firm News On Saturday, December 19, 2015

There is never a good time for someone to die in a motor vehicle accident but when these things happen near the holidays, loved ones can suffer even more. Connecticut families expect to celebrate joy and happiness at this time of year, not plan funerals for their relatives. Unfortunately, these tragic crashes do happen at the worst times.

Such was the case on December 13 when two little girls were killed in a collision. Reports indicate that they were in a standard Nissan sedan being driven by their mother. Her cousin was a passenger in the vehicle along with the seven- and four-year-old girls. The cousin recounted that while they were driving northbound, an oncoming minivan was coming at them. The Nissan driver attempted to move out of the van’s way but her efforts were unsuccessful.

Upon colliding, the daughters of the woman driving the Nissan died. Their mother was taken to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. She has been released and sent home. It is not known if the other passenger or the driver of the minivan was injured in the crash. The minivan driver has not been cited as the investigation into the accident is still continuing. The mother of the two girls is alleged to have hired an attorney in the case while also has had to make plans for her daughters’ funeral.

Stories like these are heart-wrenching and leave emotional scars that can never truly be healed. Victims who have had their family members killed by the negligent actions of others deserve compensation as some small attempt to help them move on. Talking to a lawyer in times like these can prove to be helpful in pursuing this.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Family of 2 Girls Who Died in Bristol Crash Disputes Police Account,” Catalina Trivino, December 17, 2015

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