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June 2014 Archives

Boat driver charged with boating drunk after fatal boat accident

As the temperatures rise across Connecticut, and the rest of the U.S., many people hit the lakes, rivers and oceans to enjoy some time on the water, and many consume alcoholic beverages while they do so. Just as driving a car while drunk can be hazardous to drivers and their passengers, so too can operating a boat while intoxicated. Impairments caused by alcohol consumption can easily cause boating accidents, which, like other motor vehicle collisions, can result in catastrophic injury and even death.

6-year-old in medical coma after being attacked by 3 pit bulls

When many people in Connecticut, and elsewhere, think of dogs, they think of a faithful companion or family pet. Although this is true of the majority of dogs who are kept as pets in the U.S., there are some cases in which dogs are the perpetrators in vicious attacks, which can result in serious injuries. Dog bite injuries can often require significant medical treatment, including suturing and surgeries.

Paramedic killed in West Hartford drunk driving accident

Most readers in New Haven, and elsewhere, are aware of the dangerous effects that alcohol consumption can have on drivers, including impaired judgment, blurred vision and slowed reaction time. Even with the numerous reports detailing the hazards of drunk driving, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence reports that close to 13,000 people are killed in accidents involving alcohol annually, and many more are injured.

Settlement reached in lawsuit over baby's brain injury in 2009

Readers in New Haven may or may not be aware that if oxygen to the brain gets cut off, for any reason, it can result in serious brain damage. People who suffer brain injuries such as this may experience short or long-term effects including impairments of psychological, physical and cognitive skills, in addition to affecting other functions. In some cases, extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as long-term care may be required after someone has suffered such an injury.