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February 2014 Archives

Family of drowned 14-year-old Manchester boy to receive $1.72 million

When Connecticut parents send their children to school, whether it’s elementary, middle or high school, they expect that the teachers and staff members will protect them from any possible harm. Unfortunately, distractions can sometimes keep teachers from paying attention to every student at every moment of the school day, which can result in devastating fatal accidents.

Distracted driving still causes thousands of car accidents each year

Most Connecticut residents have some sort of mobile device that enables them to stay connected with their family, friends, and colleagues. While these devices can be tremendously useful, they can cause car accidents when people use them while they’re operating a motor vehicle. For this reason, some lawmakers are looking for more innovative ways to discourage distracted driving.

City may be held responsible for dog attack

The majority of New Haven dog owners take excellent care of their pets. The dogs, in turn, respect their owners and other people, and it is rare for them to harm a person. However, when dogs do not have an owner they can trust, they sometimes become hostile. In some cases, these neglected dogs may cause people to suffer from dog bite injuries.

Child suffers traumatic brain injury in auto-pedestrian accident

The human brain monitors and controls all major systems within the body such as respiratory, circulation and motor movement. It is the most complex part of the body and, as a result, a brain injury is extremely complicated. Symptoms can include permanent disability, problems with memory, loss of speech and even mood changes. In some cases, a person may require medical care for the rest of his or her life.

Following fatal Bridgeport accident, driver to spend five years in prison

Even though most Connecticut drivers are cautious and careful, some car accidents are unavoidable. However, when people fail to stop after an auto accident, the legal system often punishes them severely. Such reckless behavior can even lead to more collisions with other drivers. Thankfully, people who flee the scenes of car accidents sometimes turn themselves in to the authorities.

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