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January 2014 Archives

Jury finds negligent doctor to blame for Vernon man's suicide, wife's murder

Family medical practitioners are responsible for spotting any warning signs that they may be in danger of any physical harm. If they suspect that their patient’s physical or mental health may put them at risk, they are responsible for doing everything that they can to help the patient. Unfortunately, doctors in Connecticut sometimes overlook these issues. In rare cases, a doctor’s lapse can lead to a fatal accident.

Dental procedure leaves 3-year-old unresponsive

When people in Connecticut turn to medical and dental professionals, they trust them to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, in some cases, the medical caregiver fails to follow certain safety procedures, and their patients are harmed as a result and may even suffer a severe brain injury. In these circumstances, the victim or the victim’s family members may choose to hold these professionals responsible for the damage that they caused.

2 dogs rip off woman's buttock and ear in vicious attack

In New Have, and elsewhere, regardless of the breed of dog a pet owner has, they have a responsibility to ensure that their pet is properly socialized so it will not attack or that it is safely enclosed in their home or yard. If a dog gets out and attacks someone, it can result in serious personal injury, which can have lasting effects. Often, the pain from dog bite injuries is not just physical; victims of animal attacks often have lasting emotional pain as well.

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