Worker attacked by pit bull mix while cleaning pool in yard

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From repair workers or landscapers, to cable service workers and more, many people throughout New Haven, and elsewhere, allow different types of workers into their homes and yards to perform any number of jobs. When people who are pet owners have workers in their homes, they generally have a responsibility to ensure that their pets do not pose any danger to the worker.

According to reports, a man in California suffered dog bite injuries in an attack by a Labrador and pit bull mix that occurred while he was working in a customer’s yard recently. It was not disclosed how the dog ended up in the yard, but the animal reportedly attacked the man shortly after he started cleaning a pool in the yard. The pool-service worker had to jump over a fence to escape the dog.

As a result of the dog attack, the man’s right thigh was reportedly punctured and he suffered serious injuries to his right arm. Additionally, he sustained multiple lacerations to his face. There were no further details reported regarding the man’s condition, nor was any information disclosed regarding the type of treatment his injuries have required thus far, or will require in the future.

Dog attack injuries can result in both physical and emotional pain, and often require significant medical treatment. People who have suffered injuries in situations such as this may benefit from discussing their case with an attorney to learn more about their rights and whether they could be entitled to financial compensation.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Pool Man Severely Injured By Dog While Working In Riverside County,” Sep, 25, 2014

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