Woman orders two pit bulls to attack news crew

Firm News On Friday, June 14, 2013

It is one thing to have a dog act out on its own and bite someone in New Haven, CT, but quite another for the owner to actually order it to attack another person. In these types of instances, it can be argued that the owner is actually using his or her pet as a weapon.

This seems to be the case for a dog bite that occurred recently. It happened when a news reporter and cameraman approached a woman and began questioning her about the kindergarten graduation shooting of which her daughter was a victim. The woman apparently became agitated and threw a rock at the two of them. After she threatened them by holding up a baseball bat and screaming at them, she ordered her two pit bulls to attack. 

The cameraman kept his camera rolling the entire time and captured on film the dogs chasing the reporter. The reporter required a tetanus shot after one of the dogs bit her on her forearm.

The woman who ordered the dogs to attack now faces charges. She was arrested and later released. Although the dog owner has pled not guilty to the charges levied against her, she may have a tough time fighting them in court when the whole ordeal was caught on camera.

The newswoman who was attacked may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney about filing a civil lawsuit against the woman. She may be entitled to compensation for her medical bills as well as the pain and suffering that she endured. 

Source: Examiner, “News crew attack: Rock, bat and dog bite end TV news interview in R.I.,” Roz Zurko, June 6, 2013

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