Woman hit by car in Stamford crosswalk dies from injuries

Firm News On Thursday, July 31, 2014

The crossroads and intersections throughout New Haven, and other localities, can be dangerous for motorists, as well as for pedestrians. If drivers and pedestrians do not obey traffic signals and signs, it can easily result in accidents. Collisions involving automobiles and pedestrians can often result in serious or catastrophic injury and, in many cases, death.

According to reports, a woman walking in a crosswalk was killed in Stamford recently after a car hit her. The driver of the car was purportedly attempting to turn left at an intersection when she struck the 58-year-old pedestrian. No reasoning was provided as to why the motorist struck the woman, nor was it made clear whether the pedestrian had a walk signal when she entered into the street. The investigation, it was reported, remains ongoing.

The pedestrian was reportedly trapped under the vehicle and first responders had to free her before she could be transported to the hospital. News sources reported that she ultimately perished as a result of her injuries. It was not disclosed, however, what type of injuries she sustained in the fatal accident.

After suffering the loss of a loved one in a situation such as this, families are often met with financial challenges, which can include medical expenses and funerary costs. This can be in addition to the loss of an income source. During what is often a time of grief and mourning, it can be difficult for families in situations such as this to seek out the help they need. Working with a legal professional can help them to understand what they may be entitled to.

Source: WTIC FOX CT, “Pedestrian Struck And Killed In Stamford,” Samantha Schoenfeld, July 21, 2014

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