Woman faces second drunk driving arrest

Drunk Driving Accidents,Firm News On Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sadly, many a Connecticut resident who is arrested for and convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not learn. Repeat offenses happen all too often, putting innocent people at risk of serious injuries or even death. An auto accident caused by the negligence of a drunk driver should always be considered dangerous even if personal bodily injury does not result.

A 67-year-old Westport woman was recently arrested for her second operating under the influence charge since 2011. After her first arrest, she even wrote a public article about the experience. More recently, she was found to have been driving drunk after causing an auto accident and fleeing the scene. Fortunately, another person witnessed the woman drive along the side of another vehicle, scraping it as she went yet continue on her path.

After obtaining the license plate information from the witness, law enforcement officers were able to locate the woman and follow her to her home. Her car was reportedly damaged from the accident. During the investigation about the collision, officers requested that she submit to field sobriety tests based upon the smell of alcohol emanating from her. She was placed under arrest after failing the field sobriety tests. After posting bond, the woman was released from custody as her court date approached.

This case luckily did not leave a person injured or dead but that does not always happen. Anyone who is involved in any accident caused by a drunk driver may wish to talk to an attorney to get help.

Source: WestportNow.com, “Writer Nabbed for Fleeing Accident, DUI,” October 2, 2015


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