Woman attacked, bitten by neighbor?s dog

Firm News On Friday, July 25, 2014

People throughout New Haven, and all of the U.S., own dogs of all shapes and sizes. Some keep dogs for companionship, while others keep them for personal or property protection. There are also those who own dogs as service animals and depend on their pet to provide different types of assistance. Regardless of a person’s intentions in owning a dog, they have a responsibility to ensure that their pet does not pose a risk to their neighbors or the public.

A woman in Florida was injured recently after a neighbor’s dog attacked her. She was reportedly in her front yard when the dog ran across the street and bit her. As the man who owned the dog was leaving his home, the dog got out of the door. According to reports, the woman suffered a dog bite to her right thigh. The severity of the bite was not reported, however, nor was it disclosed whether she required any medical treatment as a result of the dog attack.

Following an investigation that was conducted by Animal Control after the attack, the dog, a hound-mix, was declared a dangerous animal. The dog’s owner was able to keep his dogs, but had certain conditions and restrictions regarding the dog. He has, however, also attacked another neighbor since having been deemed dangerous. That man, fortunately, was only bitten on the shoe.

People who have suffered serious injury as the result of an animal attack may find it helpful to discuss their situation with a legal professional. An attorney can help them understand what type of compensation they might be entitled to, as well as explain their options for seeking such damages.

Source: WPBF.com, “Police: Dog declared ‘dangerous’ attacks again, owner arrested,” July 11, 2014

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