Will my dog go to quarantine if it bites someone?

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Tuesday, December 11, 2018

If your dog bites someone in Connecticut, it is a scary situation for everyone. You hold the liability for the accident. According to the Connecticut General Assembly, the victim does not have to prove you were negligent or that your dog had previously aggression issues. While you may face a lawsuit because of what happened, you may also wonder what will happen to your dog.

The law requires a minimum of 14 days in quarantine for any dog that bites a person. Keep in mind this requirement is only for situations where your dog was not on your property. If your dog was on your property, then whether it goes to quarantine depends on the officer in charge who can decide to quarantine your dog. If your dog goes to quarantine, it will go to a location approved by the Department of Agriculture commissioner, such as a veterinary hospital, kennel or pound.

At the end of quarantine, the commissioner or someone he or she designates examines your dog for rabies and checks its general demeanor. At this time, the official may release your dog or may require it stays at the facility. You hold the legal responsibility to pay all fees associated with the quarantine.

One thing to note is that if an official feels it is necessary, your dog could be put down. This usually happens within 24 hours of the accident. A hearing is held before the order is given. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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