Who does the paying after a dog attack?

Firm News On Friday, May 11, 2018

As a resident of Connecticut who has recently been involved in a dog bite attack, you may be wondering how to legally proceed with the case. Loughlin Fitzgerald, PC, will be here to help you the entire way as you determine what your personal best course of action might be.

One of the main questions that is likely on your mind after an attack is: who is going to pay for the damages? Highly publicized cases of dog attacks often have a lot of misinformation surrounding them. Some people argue about who the fault belongs to in a dog attack, which can lead to confusion regarding what the actual law is.

Generally speaking, the owner of the dog is the one who will need to pay for any liabilities, even if your case is the first time that their dog has ever bitten someone. The good news is that many different types of homeowner’s insurance come with policies related to dog bites or other animal-related attacks. As long as the homeowner’s insurance was aware of the dog, you may get coverage that way.

Even if their insurance company tries to deny a premise liability claim, it’s possible to fight against them and prove that you were, in fact, injured on the home owner’s premise.

If you have suffered from a dog bite attack in any way and wish to know what options are available in terms of compensation, take a look at the link here. It will take you to our web page on dog bite injury laws, where you can learn more about how to fight for financial compensation for the traumatic and painful attack you’ve suffered through.

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