When to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney in Connecticut

Truck Accidents On Thursday, April 29, 2021

It is common to feel stressed, confused and overwhelmed after a harmful truck accident in Connecticut. The most effective way to give yourself peace of mind while also increasing the odds of achieving a successful injury settlement is by hiring a truck accident lawyer to help you with the claims process.

Although not every truck accident case requires litigation conducted by a personal injury attorney, some cases need professional guidance to succeed. Find out if and when you need to hire a truck accident attorney after a collision in Connecticut to better protect your rights.

You Have Catastrophic Injuries

The severity of your injuries and property damage can help decide whether you need to hire a truck accident lawyer in Connecticut. If you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury such as a traumatic brain injury, amputation or spinal cord injury, an attorney can make sure you receive a fair and full financial award from the defendant. Catastrophic injuries are common outcomes of commercial truck accidents.

With a serious injury, you can file a lawsuit outside of Connecticut’s no-fault insurance system. However, without an attorney advocating for you, an insurance company may try to save money by taking advantage of you. For example, the truck company’s insurance provider may try to underestimate the value of your serious losses, including future medical needs.

If you hire an attorney, the insurance company will have no choice but to take you seriously and treat your claim fairly. An attorney can help you negotiate for the financial compensation your family deserves for a catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

There Is a Liability Dispute

The legal teams hired by trucking companies will fight relentlessly to protect the company from liability for your accident. Part of the truck company’s defense strategy may be to argue that you were partially or wholly at fault for the truck accident.

Connecticut is a modified comparative negligence state, meaning as long as you are less than 50 percent responsible for your truck accident, you can still recover financial compensation. If you are found to be more than 50 percent at fault, however, you will be barred from recovery entirely. It is important to hire an attorney if the defense argues that you were partially to blame for the crash to protect your right to recover.

The Insurance Company Is Undervaluing Your Claim

It is common to receive an initial settlement offer from an insurance company that does not adequately address your past and future injury-related losses. You may need an attorney’s assistance to help you negotiate for a fair settlement value with an insurance claims adjuster. An attorney can help you avoid common mistakes that may diminish the value of your claim, such as admitting fault or giving the insurance company a recorded statement.

The Insurer Has Denied Your Claim

It is also common for an insurance company to try to save money by wrongfully denying valid injury claims. If the trucking company’s insurance provider denies your claim, it must give you a reason. Bring your rejection letter to a truck accident attorney for an in-depth review. If the attorney believes the denial is wrongful based on the facts of your case, he or she can help you file an appeal to request a different outcome. The lawyer can also help you take the trucking company to trial, if necessary, for fair financial compensation.

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