What you should know about wrong way driving

Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents On Friday, May 25, 2018

Drivers in Connecticut have to face many obstacles and potential dangers every time they’re on the road. One of the most alarming issues involves wrong way drivers, who usually don’t understand the panic and potential danger they’re posing to everyone around them.

ABC13 News states that wrong way drivers are often either severely distracted or under the influence. Because of this, they likely won’t notice any attempt to get them going the right way again. This is why it’s not advised for drivers to try to catch their attention, whether that’s through honking, flashing headlights, or even trying to follow the offending driver to give them warning. Instead, drivers are advised to pull off to the side of the road and give the wrong way driver a very wide berth.

Inside Edition reveals that there are 300 to 400 deaths related to wrong way driving every year. Wrong way driving accidents can occur anywhere at any time, from suburban neighborhoods to parking garages. However, the most dangerous and potentially deadly incidents occur on the freeway. Usually a car will get onto the wrong ramp despite warnings. Sometimes it’s because of driver confusion, and sometimes the road signs themselves are not clear enough.

Some states are trying to implement more technology to combat wrong way drivers. This includes systems that will light up a ramp if it detects a car coming from the wrong direction. A picture is taken of the car and sent to local law enforcement, who will then be dispatched to stop the driver before they can do any harm. Additional warnings will be issued on the signs above the freeway. With more technology and strategies like this, the hope is that fewer wrong way fatalities and crashes will occur.

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