What to do if Your Car is Hit by a Semi Truck

Truck Accidents On Friday, July 15, 2022

Being in a car accident is a terrible enough experience, but if that accident happens to involve a semi-truck while you’re on a busy highway, it can be an even more dangerous and devastating situation.

Every vehicle accident has the potential for serious injuries, but being hit by a big truck like a semi can be life-altering. It’s important to know what to do after an accident to keep yourself safe, to make sure the accident is reported, and to begin the process of getting compensation for your injuries.

Make Sure You’re Safe

The first thing to do after an accident with a large vehicle like a semi is to make sure you’re ok. You could have injuries you don’t know about so you’ll want to be smart and not make any sudden movements or do anything that might hurt yourself further.

This is also important if you’re planning on pursuing damages from the at-fault driver. You don’t want to make injuries worse as you’re still in the process of documenting the accident.

Most of the time you’re not supposed to move a vehicle after an accident, but you should make sure you’re safe and not in danger of being hit again.

Report the Accident to the Proper Parties

The next step to take after you make sure you are safe is to report the accident to all the necessary parties. This means calling the police, a towing service, and making a report for your insurance company. This will begin the process of getting your vehicle fixed and determining who was at fault.

If possible it is a good idea to document everything you can about the truck accident, the location, time of day, and the factors that led to the accident to the best of your ability. You should also get the truck driver’s information including the company they work for. Lastly, you may want to find any nearby witnesses to get statements from them if you are able. These will all be useful in developing your case.

Get Treatment For Your Injuries

Not only is getting treatment for your injuries an important part of making sure that you’re healthy and can start the recovery process after your accident, you also want to seek medical attention so that you can document all of your injuries and the expenses that you may incur.

Treating your injuries and documenting them is an important part of the process if you choose to pursue damages from the at-fault party because these records will be crucial pieces of evidence in determining how much compensation you are eligible for.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you’ve documented your accident, reported it, and gotten treatment for your injuries, the next thing you’ll want to do is contact a personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney is the one on your side that will help you get the compensation you need from the semi-truck driver, their insurance company and the other parties involved. Not only can an attorney help handle your case, but they will also advise you throughout the process on the next steps to take and make sure that you don’t settle for an offer that is less than your case is worth.

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