What makes dog bites so dangerous

Firm News On Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Connecticut residents who have suffered from a dog attack will likely have a long road to recovery ahead of them. Dog attacks and dog bite injuries can be very dangerous in numerous ways, and can leave a lasting physical and mental impression on the victim.

Health Essentials takes a look at seven things a person should do immediately if bitten by a dog. Outside of the at-home care steps, they also suggest seeing a doctor, which is important because a dog can easily transfer bacteria or illness into the bloodstream through the puncture wounds. A doctor may give a dog bite victim an updated tetanus vaccine if theirs is out of date. Depending on the dog, a victim may also need a rabies vaccine.

American Nurse Today, meanwhile, takes a look at the potential complications that can arise from a dog attack. They mention the crushing force behind a dog’s jaw, which can create crush injuries in addition to the bite wounds. If a victim has a large number of wounds, they even risk bleeding to death. Zoonotic diseases can be transferred from animals to people, and can also get into bite wounds. These can include septic arthritis, P. multocida, and rabies. Bacteria can get into wounds as well, creating infections.

Dog bite attacks can range in severity, but all types of dog attack can leave the victim with physical, mental and emotional scars. This is just one of the reasons why someone suffering from a dog bite attack could benefit from seeking compensation for their injuries.

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