What is myocardial contusion?

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The sudden impact of the human chest against a steering wheel in an automobile collision is cause for concern. Connecticut auto accidents can result in any number of injuries, but the impact on your heart should be one of your top worries following an auto accident. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, you might suffer problems or even a fatal heart problem later on.

Heathline explains that the impact of the body in a car accident may result in a myocardial contusion. This is basically a bruising of the heart muscle, and is caused by a blunt impact or application of pressure to the heart. This can happen by being in a car during an auto accident, or if a person is struck by a car. Sometimes a fall from a great height, such as twenty feet up, can produce a myocardial contusion.

How do people know that they have a myocardial contusion? There are multiple symptoms that can manifest themselves, such as tiredness or fatigue, feeling lightheaded, nausea, bouts of vomiting, or having short breath. Some of these symptoms are broad and might not indicate a heart problem, but others, such as experiencing harsh pain over the ribs or a quickening of the heart rate, will more specifically imply heart trouble.

Anyone who has recently experienced a motor vehicle accident should not take these symptoms as mere coincidence. If detected early, myocardial contusions can be treated, though the recovery period will depend on how bad your injuries are. Treatments can include prescribed medication to handle the pain, surgery, the installation of a pacemaker, or installing a tube to keep fluids from building up in the chest.

A timely diagnosis can save your life. Additionally, by knowing what kind of medical treatment you need, you can factor those treatments into any court settlement of your accident injuries. However, because auto accident injuries vary so widely, you should not take this article as offering you legal advice. It is only written for educational benefit.

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