What are the four types of falls?

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Whenever you are walking in Connecticut, you are particularly vulnerable to a fall at the point when your weight shifts from one foot to the other and your body is momentarily off-balance. Any fall from a standing height has the potential to cause serious injury, but according to Occupational Health and Safety, a slip-and-fall incident is actually only one of the four types of falls that can occur.

People often use the terms denoting different falls interchangeably. However, each one is distinct and has its own specific cause. 

1. Slip and fall

This is the most common type, and also the type most likely to cause injury. It occurs when your foot loses secure contact with the floor, often from stepping on something slippery on top of it that causes you to lose traction. This disrupts your center of gravity. 

2. Stump and fall

When your foot strikes an unseen obstruction or impediment on the surface you are walking on, a stump and fall can occur. An example of an unseen impediment would be a lump in the carpet. 

3. Step and fall

When the surface you are walking on changes height unexpectedly, as in the case of a dip in the surface or a hole, a step and fall can occur. 

4. Trip and fall

This type is similar to a stump and fall, except that instead of an obstruction on the surface, your foot strikes a foreign object, such as a child’s toy or a power cord. 

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