Understanding spinal cord injuries

Brain Injury,Firm News On Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Despite your best efforts to be safe, there may come a time when you hurt your spine. Spinal cord injuries are not something to take lightly and can affect many aspects of your life in Connecticut. At Loughlin Fitzgerald, we understand that coping with these injuries can be difficult.

You may damage your spinal cord in a variety of ways. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, car accidents, sports, and falls can cause these injuries, and some people may incur one after diving into a pool. Spinal wounds are usually tears or bruises. Your damage generally falls into one of two categories, incomplete and complete injuries. With an incomplete injury, you can usually feel and move limbs beneath the damaged spot on your spine. You typically cannot move your body beneath the damaged site if you have a complete injury, and you generally do not have feeling, either. These wounds can occur at any place on your spine.

After incurring a spinal injury, there are several symptoms you might experience. These include difficulties with digestion and breathing, and weak muscles. You may also lose feeling in some of your limbs. When you first wound your spine, your reflexes and muscle movement may be impaired, but this sometimes goes away as other symptoms emerge.

Which vertebrae were harmed determines how bad your injury is. However, your daily life can be affected by a spinal cord injury which did not seem very severe, and your work and living conditions may also change. For information about back and neck injuries, visit our web page.

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