Trucker hits car, killing three people

Car Accidents,Firm News On Monday, June 6, 2016

With the Connecticut summer vacation season ready to get into full swing, concerns about traffic accidents are also sadly present. Whether due to impairment, distraction, fatigue or other reasons, many negligent drivers cause senseless accidents. Even worse, these accidents all too often claim the lives of innocent people or leave other victims suffering from serious and sometimes life-long injuries.

A recent crash along a stretch of Interstate 84 in Connecticut about an hour outside of New York City is just one example of how quickly lives can be changed. Driving with her daughter, niece, and two dogs, a woman had to stop her vehicle after she ran out of gas. She turned on her emergency flashers in order to keep everyone in the vehicle safe while she called 911 to get help.

As the woman in the vehicle, a Volkswagen sedan, spoke to the emergency operator, a truck driver was approaching from behind. Reports indicate that the trucker said he was unaware that the Volkswagen was not moving. The truck ran directly into the car. The truck driver survived the crash without injury. However, the impact killed the 29-year-old mom, her nine-year-old daughter, her 12-year-old niece and both of the dogs. It is not known at this time if the truck driver may have been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or otherwise was negligent.

People who lose loved ones in crashes like this may find it helpful to speak with an attorney. While there is no way to bring someone back, learning about options for compensation can be a beneficial step in the grieving process.

Source: CT Post, “Friends rally support after I-84 crash claims Bridgeport victims,” Michael P. Mayko, June 3, 2016

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